Children progress naturally through various stages of learning.

In order to be able to read, write and do maths, a child needs to be able to function on an abstract level. On average a child has achieved this level at around 6 years old or later.

Concrete Phase

Children learn through their senses. This stage is also known as the manipulative mode where children can touch and see things to give meaning to them. The more senses involved at this level, the better!

Semi-Concrete or Semi-Abstract Phase

During this stage, children are able to relate to a picture or model of the object. This is also known as the two-dimensional or pictoral stage.

Abstract Phase

When a child functions at this level, he or she is able to understand symbolic representation of a picture, object, word or number.

So, what does this have to do with fun learning activities?

If a child is struggling with maths or reading or just about any concept, it is often good to go back to the more concrete levels to explore the concept again and make sure solid foundations are laid.

Obviously you will not be teaching your toddler to do geometry using formulas and graph paper, but, you can explore shapes with him or her while you are playing together. Introducing really abstract concepts early on through really concrete ways!

Don't let it get to the point where both you and your child are really frustrated with something. Step back and see if there are other more hands on ways to introduce or reinforce the concept before it becomes a learning block.

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