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It is so easy to naturally incorporate science fun into your day. I did not realize how much of what I had been doing with my children was actually science until we started doing simple science experiments each week with things I already had in the cupboard! You don't need to go out and buy lots of fancy science equipment to have lots of fun and valuable learning experiences with your children!

I often get called to the bathroom to come and see something that one of my children has set up in the bath tub! These opportunies often lead to the most wonderful discussions, and I am very surprised how they have applied what we have learnt in different ways... and how much bath water is on the floor! Science gets a big thumbs up in this house!

Fun Science Experiments

Volcano Science Project

An explosive afternoon of fun!

Crystal Fun

"That a substance which has been dissolved in water should, when the water evaporates, assemble its particles in solid form of a certain shape, with its plane surfaces set exactly at certain angles to one another, always the same whether the crystal be large or small, is quite beyond our understanding."

Anna Botsford Comstock
Make Borax Crystals

Make Epsom Salt Crystals

Silhouette Portraits *NEW*


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