Reading fun is part of our daily routine!

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"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."
Dr Seuss

We have travelled extensively through the windows of good books, getting glimpses of people and places we probably never would have had the opportunity to otherwise! Sharing books with my children has always been one of my favourite activities even though there have been days when I have been hoarse by the end of the day because we just couldn't put a good book down!

I love how Gladys Hunt puts it when she says,

"Reading aloud doesn't allow anyone to set a speed record, but this is one of its advantages. How nice to amble together through the descriptive paragraphs, which might otherwise be raced past, and take a leisurely look around."

reading fun, child read, fun reading activities, children reading activities, fun reading

When we began to look into homeschooling more formally, I was challenged by Charlotte Mason's concept of "living books" to reconsider some of the books we were reading to search out really good quality literature for my children. We have shared so many wonderful books together.

Don't be afraid to challenge your children and introduce them to new words! They will surprise you!

"It was from Miss Potter that I first learned how much children love big words. Miss Potter's economy of words-she chooses just the right one while other authors may require many-gives liveliness to her stories, but every so often she tucks a gem of a new word for children to roll over their tongues. The sparrows in The Tale of Peter Rabbit "implore him to exert himself" when Peter is caught in a net by his jacket buttons."

Gladys Hunt- Honey for a Child's Heart

Reading to your child is an inexpensive way to spend time together sharing special moments with them. Plus, who can resist a warm bubble bath and wrinkled toes on a cold evening while Mom reads the last few chapters of a really good book!


If your child is learning to read or is having any difficulties reading take a look at Homeschool Help Secrets for a Phonics-Based program to help your child become an excellent reader.

At Joy of Reading Susan, a former classroom teacher shares her tips and ideas on how to help your child overcome the challenges of reading comprehension, fluency, and other areas, to make reading a joyful experience for the entire family. You'll find word lists and suggested reading lists for several grade levels here too.

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