Postcard Exchange - Hands on Geography Fun!

Postcard Exchange, Postcard Fun, Geography Activities, Kids Geography, world maps

There are lots of geography activities that you can link up with postcard exchange projects.

It is such a treat to receive postcards and information from people that live in the places we are learning about, and the great thing about postcards, is that they usually feature the most interesting things that reflect the area that they come from.

This project can be as big or as small as you choose, so let the creative juices flow!


Where did it come from?

After reading the postcard, we go immediately to our map to pinpoint where the postcard came from. Often, the facts or information that we get on the postcard inspires us to read more about the town, state or country that it came from.

Arts and Crafts

Make a notebook with all your postcards including fun facts and information about the area it came from.

What's for dinner?

Make a meal from the country.

Fun for little ones!

This is great for young children too, especially if you collect animal postcards from different countries and areas. Make a special scrapbook with them and have lots of fun!

The ideas are endless!

We have all our postcards hanging up in a prominent place over our world map...leading to lots of impromptu dicussions and discoveries.

Postcard Exchange, Postcard Fun, Geography Activities, Kids Geography, world maps

There are several online groups that you can sign up with to participate in this type of project Kidz Postcard Exchange is great because it encourages the child to do the writing, Postcard Kids is a great one for homeschool families.

Once you sign up and are approved as a member, you introduce yourself and where you come from and you're on your way. You can also tailor your choices to suit your particular needs, be it a specific country, flowers, animals, historical sites or recipes from the country or state.

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