While stuying Degas we read a beautiful book about Anna Pavlova which lead us down a rabbit trail to discover the meringue-based confection that was named in her honour. We found it very interesting so we thought we'd share it :-).

Pavlova, Anna Pavlova, ballet, childrens books, boks for children

She visited Australia and New Zealand in 1926 and Australia in 1929 and, in both countries, captivated audiences with her performances.

At the time of her visits and for the next decade, cooks and chefs in both countries sought to honour her and the occasions of her visits with confections they created to capture her light and airy spirit and appearance. These ranged from trifle-like, gelatin-based creations to cakes and meringues in various forms. The controversy comes in as to where the meringue dessert actually originated, Australia or New Zealand? Even today there is still much debate surrounding this delicious pudding.

Pavlova, Anna Pavlova, ballet, childrens books, boks for children

Wherever it was that it originated, today it is Australia's national dessert, and you can find a yummy recipe here.

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