Music Appreciation for Children

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Our first official step on the journey of music appreciation were very simple- we popped a Mozart CD into the CD player and it played while we worked! I did not make a big thing of it, I just mentioned that Mozart composed the music and that was about it- we just enjoyed it.

My husband and I used to attend open air concerts in the botanical gardens near where I worked every Sunday during the summer. It was very casual and relaxed as everyone gathered with their picnic baskets and blankets on the grass and feasted on music and snacks. One particular concert stands out in my mind. A group of children were playing on the grass and running up and down the path enjoying the sunshine and fresh air- until the orchestra played the opening notes to William Tell Overture! The children looked at one another with a common understanding that only they shared, quickly fell into line and began to march up and down the path, their shoulders hopping up and down in time to the music. I still giggle when I think about it! It was just precious! They too were just enjoying the moment! No in depth lesson on rhythm was needed- they got it. Music appreciation at its best!

You don't need to be musically gifted to enjoy and appreciate music with your child. If you are a litte apprehensive about investing any money in building a collection of CDs that you are not sure are going to be appreciated just pop down to your local library to borrow a few and test the waters first.

Be on the lookout for things happening in your area to go along to. Our children were very young when we took them along to an afternoon of recitals by one of the local schools in our area. I was a little apprehensive at first, especially when the front row remained open and my husband insisted that we sit within arms reach of the instruments- it was a very good test to see if the habit of attention was well cultivated yet or not! Thankfully we had a wonderful hour and have been to many ballets, classical evenings, Irish dance and music festivals and all sorts of productions since.

Whether you choose to spend a term or so listening to a chosen composer's music and learning a little about the life and times surrounding the notes he penned or learning about the instruments in the orchestra after a concert you have attended I trust that you will feel a little richer for doing so.

Since Mozart we have studied various other composers like Tchaikovsky, Handel and Vivaldi and I have been very surprised what we have learnt along the way!

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