We did this simple craft of making candles when we were doing a unit on bees, but you could easily do it as a fun learning activity as a Bible activity (let your light shine), science (light, light sources), maths (introducing hexagons) or as part of learning how to set the table and add a simple decoration! We used some of ours for our poetry afternoon and the others for the dinner table.

All you need is a few sheets of beeswax and some candle wick which we found at our local craft store. The lady there was very helpful with how much of each we would need for our project.

Lay the beeswax sheets on wax paper and attache a clothes peg to the end of the wick. Place the wick along the length of your beeswax and peg it on the other end too, flush with the end of the wax. This keeps the wick nicely in place while you roll it up. Gently roll the edges of the wax, if you find that it is not very pliable, press the edges gently till they are softer and roll the wax paper up a little to get it started. Do NOT leave any wax paper in the candle! Just get the edge started and continue to roll the candle till it is completed!

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Once you have completed rolling up the wax remove the pegs and cut the top wick to about 1cm. If you want shorter candles, cut the beeswax to the length that you want it before you start rolling it.

These make a great gift too!

making candles, candle making, kids crafts, art and craft, kids art

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