Little House on the Prairie

Little House on the Prairie books are wonderful living books that take you back to the 1800s when Laura and her family traveled by a covered wagon across the Midwest.

I first read the book Little House on the Prairie to my daughter when she was three years old. She was always happy to tag along in the shadow of her brother and do all the things that he wanted to do quite willingly. He was always digging or building outside and she would be right behind him with a spade or bucket, but there were times she would sit quietly observing his project take form. She loved reading, and so after some thought, I decided that I would find a "special" book that we could read together while her brother was engineering a city! That afternoon at the library Little House on the Prairie was on display and I realised that though I had been an avid watcher of the TV series when I was young, I had never read the books!

The next afternoon as some serious tunnel construciton was underway I invited my little girl to come and sit on the patio step so that we could read a special story together. I was not sure how it would go down, after all, she was only three, but about halfway through the second page, her brother dropped his spade for the prairie too! I think it hit me then what Charlotte Mason says about underestimating your children!

Well, that was years ago and we are now working our way through the DVD series. We decided to take a break from our regular studies for a while to do a unit study for a season. The Prairie Primer seemed the perfect fit and we have begun our journey through the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder.


little house on the prairie, unit study, little house activities, laura ingalls wilder The Prairie Primer

Margie Gray has written this primer in an easy, user friendly way. It contains a wealth of information that is well laid out and simple to implement. Each book in the series is covered over a month and over 4 days a week, leaving the fifth day of the week for any undone projects or extra research. At the beginning of each section there are larger, general topics that you can cover with each book. Margie has also provided planning lists and resource lists for each week. Quite a few of the extra books were out of print, but we have found it easy to substitute similar ones for each theme. I spent a little time a week before we have started each book, going through the relevent notes and deciding which activities and books we would use. I have found the pace quite doable.

Little House in the Big Woods

The first four weeks of The Prairie Primer was spent roaming around Laura's home in the Big Woods. The book covers a year in their lives, from winter to the following winter, and tells of all the activities that happened each season.

"A wagon track ran before the house, turning and twisting out of sight in the woods where the wild animals lived, but the little girl did not know where it went, or what might be at the end of it."

Making Corn Husk Dolls



little house on the prairie, unit study, little house activities, laura ingalls wilder Little House on the Prairie Book Collection

We are using this series along with The Prairie Primer. The print is larger than your normal chapter book, which is great for copywork. The illustrations are done by Garth Williams, who actually met Laura Ingalls Wilder at her home in Missouri and traveled to the sites of the different houses. His classic illustrations caused Laura to remark that she "and her folks live again in those pictures." The pictures are in pencil, charcoal and ink.


Now that our children are older we have been spending some of our rainy afternoons working our way through the DVD series that I so enjoyed. Each episode leads to all sorts of interesting discussions and they have been well worth the investment. Life back then was very different and some of the episodes reflect the pain and trials they faced very effectively. There are a few episodes we have skipped as my daughter is very sensitive, so do use your own discretion when viewing with your children.

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