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History can be a very overwhelming subject if you let it!

History for Kids is a growing resource of the activities we have used as we have travelled back in time, that you can easily implement to enrich your learning.

Why do we teach history?

I sat amidst a tall pile of resources I had eagerly collected for our study on Ancient Egypt feeling very small asking myself that very question! I had no idea how I was going to squeeze all the wonderful resources and bits together to make this a fun unit...let alone why I even wanted to go there in the first place! It was looking more like I was about to help my children do a post graduate thesis on Egypt!

I started questioning my motives and goals for travelling back into time to meet these cultures that are so strange and foreign!

After we had journeyed in this hot and mysterious place for a while and walked the banks of the Nile ,I came to the conclusion that I do not need my children to know all the details, dates and happenings of the land of pharoahs and mummies! I want them to grasp the bigger picture, the broad outline, the main events that influenced people in the past. His story!

We have begun to string our time line together, and we spent some time walking alongside Joseph and imagining how it must have felt to be dragged off to this unknown land, how God had his hand in all of those events and now the bits and pieces are beginning to take shape! I was keen to take the camel, which by the way is not native to Egypt, to the next stop!

History has suddenly come alive for us and we are dropping all the bits that I thought were important, including my "well put together" mountain of resource.

We started at the very beginning, but whatever your approach, figure out where you are going and why you are going before you prepare the itinerary!

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