Geography Fun

I have had certain maps and posters up in our home for ages without anyone paying too much attention, only to move them it to a different location where it has been the topic of discussion on a regular basis. The world map we inherited from a good friend was a prime example!

When I pinned it up next to our little plastic yellow table where we ate breakfast and lunch we suddenly had a whole lot more discussion going on around the table. Talk about flags, countries, which flag belonged where, where the missionary from our morning story lived, where Laura Ingalls lived, where Grandad was working and lots of other interesting topics! I was amazed at how much my children were picking up!

Then we moved to a home with way less wall space, so the map was then put eye level for the children in a spot where we I thought was pretty central but they were completely ignored...until I moved them to the dining room table, popped a few metres of clear plastic table cloth (the type you can buy per metre) over it and voila! Suddenly we were travelling again!

geography activities for children, kids geography fun, geography fun, maps

It's amazing what you can discover about our world over dinner!

It's a great place for puzzle maps and art pictures too! :-)

Don't underestimate your young learners with this one!

geography activities for children, kids geography fun, geography fun, maps

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