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Geography is a wonderful and diverse subject that is waiting to be explored!

Geography for Kids...learning about people, places, animals, stars, clouds, soil, planets...the list is endless!

Whether you are preparing an itinerary to read your way around the world, or digging up the soil in your back yard, there are lots of fun and interesting activities to enrich your studies of other lands, cultures and our world.

Exploring Other Lands

What is it that compelled travelers of old to embark on voyages of discovery into the unknown?

Well, the other night I got into bed with a cup of tea and one of our picture atlases to do some exploring of my own, and got a small taste of the excitement that comes along with learning about other people and cultures in far away and not so far away lands! It is fascinating!

It all started with a book we read a few years ago, about a naughty little duck in China, The Story About Ping.

Ever since, my children have been fascinated with anything to do with China, to the extent that they read labels on anything they can and go, "Mom, guess what? Made in China."

Their enthusiasm is catchy, and we have since embarked on many journeys to other lands through books and studies of places and cultures.

Recently we discovered a few more really hands on ways to learn about other parts of the world in practical and fun ways. We have learnt lots of fun facts about other places around the globe through postcards and Flat Travelers. *NEW Be sure to check out our Ten Tips for Travelers.

Maps are a great hands on way to explore countries.

Explore a Country

Click on the countries below to find lots of fun resources to use as you navigate your way around the globe. Find interesting facts, hands on activities and crafts your children will enjoy. Come back often, as we will continue to add to the list of countries we have explored.

Hands on Geography Activities

Cross Section of the Earth

Make a cross section of the earth using playdough!

Map Activity *NEW*

A great way for your world map to be a great learning tool! Little ones love this one too!

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