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Fun maths starts when they are young! Since my children were little, I have always looked for hands on ways to introduce new concepts to them.

For effective learning to take place in any area good building blocks need to be laid at a foundational level. When a child has a good foundation, learning gaps are less likely at a later stage when maths does become more challenging.

Children progress naturally through various phases of development when they learn, which is particularly helpful with a subject like maths.

Remember too that each child is different. My son grasps maths concepts really quickly and likes to work methodically through a page of sums. My daughter however, gets completely overwhelmed by a page of sums staring at her and new concepts are not grasped quickly unless we add a dose of colour and creativity!

The links below are lots of ideas that we have found worked and have made maths enjoyable and fun!


Skip Counting

Addition Games

Place Value

Abacus Fun

Fun Maths Links

Most homes have their own "LEGO-maniac" (or 2!)...and age is never a factor where those small plastic blocks are concerned. They are a super way to teach both math and physical science concepts. Check out ways to incorporate LEGOS in your homeschool - from the early years and beyond!

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