Fun Grammar

If you looking for a fun grammar lesson and a way to reinforce concepts in a no stress, no fuss way- then this is it!

fun grammar, children writing, fun writing, fun writing activities

I know that grammar, spelling and the nuts and bolts language basics are not always high on the priority list, but I personally feel that I need to equip my children to write well and, for me, teaching grammar is part of that process.

I want my children to be able to express themselves eloquently and communicate well and so I have set out to cover those basics in bite-sized chunks. So how fun can you make grammar, language rules, and where to put a question mark, comma or exclamation mark?

We were doing short, easy lessons, but every time we pulled out the grammar work books, I was getting sighs of despair from my daughter! Until I found a great set of Crayola window texters, cleaned our largest window and we began our grammar lessons with new found enthusiasm... and my reluctant writer asking if we could do an extra lesson or two! They work wonderfully on bathroom tiles, mirrors and wherever else you choose to reinforce a concept! Whiteboard markers work just as well!

fun grammar, children writing, fun writing, fun writing activities

We now have really clean windows, no fuss grammar lessons and sometimes, when mud wasps decide to build nests outside our window- a great nature study lesson too!!

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