There isn't a lack of great resources to use with your children to dig deeper into God's Word. Here are Bible resource reviews of books or resources that we have found helpful. They are just tools to dig or resources to enhance our studies.

The Big Book of Bible Story Fun

This is a great book for all ages! It contains lots of interactive Bible stories in chronological order. Each Bible story has step by step methods using either drawing, moulding playdough or sign language to get your learners involved. We still use this book and have had it since my children were 3 and 4 years old (they are now 8 and 9)! I am not a good drawer by any long shot and the great thing with this book is that you don't have to be! It shows you in easy steps how to draw the pictures and your children can follow along too. Loads of fun!

The Big Picture Bible Timeline

The great thing about this timeline is its versatility. It is a very basic Bible Time Line- to give your learners the "big picture". You can easily remove the pages and they are reproducible so you can make as many timelines as you like and as big or small as you would like them. The pictures are large and there are only two per page, so there is more than enough room to add any extra things onto it that you would like to. We use the pictures too for games, to see if we can put the events into chronological order, or to narrate the story that goes along with it. Easy to use and very effective.

What the Bible is All About

This book is really user friendly for children , with lots of pictures, maps, charts and timelines. It is a great resource to find facts quickly or see where something fits into the bigger scheme of things.

The Young Peacemaker

We have worked through this resource twice already and have really enjoyed it and learnt so much! I must say that I was a bit skeptical about the cartoon drawings in the Student Activity Books, but that aside they really get the point across effectively. It is a twelve week course that covers understanding conflict, responding to conflict and preventing conflict in a Biblical way. It is really practical and I wish I had done it when I was younger! We did it once when our children were really young and again recently and both times have been really enriching.

Follow Moses

We used this resource as we read through Exodus. It consists of a large map with stickers that you place on the map each time you read about the event concerned. My children really enjoyed "following Moses" and they were re-telling the story to each other too. Great fun, especially for the younger ones.

Passion Hymns for a Kids Heart

I had been meaning to get some of the Hymns for a Kids Heart series for a while, and this year when I was preparing for Easter, found this one that fitted perfectly. It is a beautiful collection of hymns that cover the meaning of the cross. Each hymn has a devotional to go with it and lovely illustrations too. It has a CD to go along with it and the CD has been missing a few times! :-)

Tabernacle Model

I was looking for a model of the Tabernacle that wasn't too big to store once we had built it and was also affordable when I stumbled on this resource. This was a great find because it came along with a book with great info and photos. The model is ready to build- no cutting or scoring necessary! I pressed the pieces out beforehand and stored the bits that went together in individual ziploc bags ready to go the next day. We saved the project for a day that Dad could help as Mom is not good with bits of cardboard and glue. Some of the bits of furniture for the Tabernacle were a bit fiddly as they were so small, but when it was finished (I was so thankful Dad was home!!) it was perfect for what we wanted it for- a great visual aid that we can pull down whenever we need to!

Solomon's Temple Model

This model we built as a follow up to the Tabernacle model we made, and I must say my son managed this one on his own (at 9) after completing the previous one with Dad. This model also comes with a book with great info, drawings and photographs. A fabulous hands-on learning activity.

Roman Ship Model

I must confess that we have yet to build this model, but it is on our bookshelf ready to use when we get there! There is information about the first boats, Egyptian boats, the Sea People, Ships in the Bible, New Testament, Roman ships and Paul's voyage and shipwreck- so it should be good!

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