Bible Memorization

Children are capable of way more than we think! Bible memorization is a powerful tool in shaping little hearts...and not so little ones too!

"The Word is full of vital force, capable of applying itself. A seed, light as thistledown, wafted into the child's soul, will take root downwards and bear fruit upwards."

Charlotte Mason

I love that quote! The Word is able to produce fruit in our children's lives in a way that we could never do! The great news is that it is not a complicated or difficult process, even if you haven't memorized anything since the third grade!

There are some excellent tools and resources to help you and I will share some here soon, but we so enjoyed using this particular resource last year that I just have to share it!

bible memorization, homeschooling, encouragement, bible ideas

bible memorization, homeschooling, encouragement, bible ideas

Seeds Family Worship have put together five cds and are in the process of putting together their sixth one this year and they are all worth investing in! Not only can you download all the Scripture memory cards for each cd, which saves you heaps of time and means you can pop them up all over the place too, but they give you an extra full cd to share with someone else!

bible memorization, homeschooling, encouragement, bible ideas

This is what they wrote inside the CD cover:

"Don't you love the way God so beautifully created our world? We think it's amazing the way He made seeds. Did you know that He designed each type of seed so it would be easy to disperse? Some are prickly so they stick to animals and are spread that way. Other seeds float and are spred by water. Still others are carried by the wind.Why tell you this? Well, God's wonderful creativitiy inspired us as we designed the packaging of this album. We want the seeds of God's Word to be spread far and wide in the hearts of families. And, we want you to be part of it. This package contains two identical, full-length CDs- one for you to keep and one for you to share with a friend nearby or far away."

What a great way to start the day- Bible memorization! These CDs are not the type that want to make you go crazy as a mom either- you know the ones!

Below is a clip of one of their songs with a kinetic topography video that is really sweet so you can click on it and have a listen.

You can order them through Amazon, or go directly to their site and order there!


And, because we love this resource so much and wanted to spread some seeds, this month's giveaway will be a copy of Volume 5 "The Power of Encouragement".


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