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John Constable

John Constable was famous for his beautiful landscape pictures, inspired by his surroundings. Art is all around, just waiting to be brushed onto a blank canvas! Fun and easy ideas to get you started. :-)

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Bible Memorization

Bible memorization is one of the most effective, life-shaping tools in a parent's tool box- and there are lots of fun ways to do it!

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Fun Maths

Fun Maths? Yes, it is possible!

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Nature Study Book Reviews

Here are our favourite nature study book reviews. Nature study is such a wonderful, hands-on way to observe and learn- and you will never run out of study material!

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Corn Husk Dolls

Making corn husk dolls is a lovely way to spend an afternoon and it is so easy! Once dry, the dolls provide hours of fun. Why not get some husks drying in preparation for a great craft activity?

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Little House on the Prairie Adventures

Little House on the Prairie TV series was a childhood favourite of mine. Well, I am now taking a trip down memory lane alongside my childrenon DVD...which has lead to a wonderful educational journey through The Prairie Primer.

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Art Gallery Study Guide

Stephanie Walmsley's Art Gallery Study Guide is great resource to have to get the most out of your next gallery visit. An art gallery visit may be just what you need to get you inspired to do a little art appreciation with your child.

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Geography Fun

If you have limited wall space for your maps and posters, want to increase dinner table discussions, or maybe you're just looking to add some regular geography fun to your daywithout too much fuss or effort. Here is an activity even your little ones will love. :-)

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Our current giveaway is up and running- so pop over and share an idea!

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Is homeschooling feeling daunting or overwhelming for you- need a little encouragement? I will be sharing our journey over the next couple of weeks- coming along?

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