Flat Travelers
The Fun Way To See the World!

flat travelers, flat stanley, flatstanley, flattravelers

It would be so nice to be able to jump on a plane and go and visit all the wonderful and interesting pages we visit from our couch! I was thrilled to find a cheaper and fun way to visit some of the places we have grown to love through our literary travels- Flat Travelers!

There are various projects based on the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown, where a little boy gets flattened by a billboard and is then able to travel all over the world. Some very creative moms and teachers have created some fantastic opportunities for people all over the world to link up and get involved too.

We signed up with Flat Travelers Homeschool but there are other groups for families who don't homeschool too, like Flat Travelers . We had lots of fun choosing what kind of travelers we were going to make, and decided on making native animal "flats" as we refer to them. We included a journal and passport for them to take with, as well as a letter and fact sheet about each traveler.

We have had lots of laughs and fun with the travelers that we have hosted, and they are all very well behaved and no trouble at all! Just a tip...don't leave a flat traveler alone at a birdfeeder that has visiting cockatoos!

flat travelers, flat stanley, flatstanley, flattravelers

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