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So, what is learning?

"Learning is about teaching people so they can help and read and do all kinds of things."

Erwan (7)

"Learning is getting something right."

Shane (6)

"When you have learnt, you will know how to tie your own shoelaces."

Michael (6)

"When you help people to know stuff that they didn't know before. You take them and you help them to read and do Maths and stuff and love them and do ABCs."

Shannon (6)

Learning should be natural. Learning is about building relationship with your child as much as it is about sharing knowledge and growing together.

The purpose of the pages that follow are to share lots of fun and simple ideas and activities for you to share with your child so that you can relax and enjoy learning alongside him/her.

Every activity on this site has been tried and tested by my children and gets their stamp of approval! I hope you find many activities that will enrich your time with your children too.

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Fun Learning Activities for Children Blog
The Fun Learning Activities for Children Blog will keep you up to date with all the latest snippets and activities that I post on the Fun Learning Activities for Children website.

Bible Activities for Children
Lots of practical and easy to implement bible activities for children.

Teaching the Alphabet
Fun and easy ways to engage your child when teaching the alphabet.

Fun Maths
Fun Maths? Yes, it is possible!

Geography for Kids
Geography for Kids is a resource with lots of easy activities to enhance your studies of people, places, and our world.

History for Kids - Making it Meaningful
Stepping back in time should be fun and interesting, not dry and dull! History for kids can be exciting.

Science Fun
Easy experiments and projects for everyday science fun.

Art Appreciation
Never thought art appreciation could be fun? Neither did I before I was challenged to think differently!

Nature Activities
There are countless ways to incorporate nature activities into your day, even if you live in the city? Need some ideas to get you started?

Handbook of Nature Study
Using the simple outline of the Handbook of Nature Study, join us on our learning adventures!

Music Appreciation for Children
Music appreciation is a wonderful avenue to explore with your child. Here are some easy ideas to implement in your home.

Making Candles
Making candles the quick and easy way! A simple activity to use with various themes.

Fun Kids Recipes
Lots of fun kids recipes that you can use for all sorts of activities.

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